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Welcome to my Projects page. Here, I show my project on research and innovative teaching.

Teaching Portfolio

My first research project analyzes the communication strategies of central banks in the context of climate policy, employing natural language processing to evaluate and rank their effectiveness. A second research initiative examines the response of futures markets to U.S. monetary policy shifts, offering students practical experience in financial data analysis.

The third project is an educational endeavor, crafting a modern macroeconomics course that integrates Python programming with economic theory, preparing students to tackle real-world data. Each project reflects a commitment to blending empirical inquiry with educational advancement in the field of finance and economics.

Research Projects #

Central Bank Communication and Climate Change #

The traditional central bank model of inflation targeting and interest rate adjustments is evolving due to new challenges like the climate crisis. As financial systems become increasingly interconnected, central banks must address emerging risks to ensure financial and monetary stability. This project assesses central bank communications, particularly concerning climate change policies.

Monetary Policy Surprises and Futures Markets #

The project investigates the influence of US monetary policy on futures markets, studying the effects of policy changes on market behavior and trends. Through hands-on data management and econometric analysis, students will explore the interaction between policy decisions and futures market dynamics, concluding with a comprehensive report or presentation.

Teaching Projects #

A Data based Introduction to Macroeconomics Course Design #

This project will design a real-world data-based introduction to macroeconomics course for undergraduates and graduates, integrating Python or R with theoretical models and macroeconomic data. Students will learn data handling, analysis, visualization, and optimization, along with programming fundamentals and key Python libraries like Matplotlib, NumPy, and pandas.