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On this Research page, you’ll find my research interests: central bank communication, empirical finance, applied economics, and the economics of artificial intelligence. My focus lies in blending quantitative finance with machine learning to understand historical and contemporary economic phenomena. Central to my work is a detailed study of central bank communication, where I seek to uncover insights using high-frequency data and computational methods.

Teaching Portfolio

Research Interests #

  • Central Bank Communication
  • Empirical Financial Economics
  • Central Bank Digital Currency and Cryptocurrencies
  • Digital Economic History

Working in Progress #

  • Tweets, Speeches, and Minutes: A Textual Analysis of Central Bank Communication for Bank of England. (with Joel Mundy - Bank of England).
  • Drivers of Central Bank Digital Currency. (with Serene Lam - Bank of America - Merrill Lynch).
  • A High-frequency Event Study of Federal Reserve Communication and its Impact on Financial Markets (with Neel Gandhi - UBS).
  • The Impact of ESG on Stock Returns: A High-frequency Analysis (Dominykas Stasiulaitis - Nasdaq).
  • The Central Banks and Climate Change: A Textual Analysis.
  • Determinants of Wages in Burocracy in the Ottoman Empire: An Empirical Analysis for the 19th Century. (with Omer Akyildiz - Marmara University - Istanbul).

Publications #

  • FOMC Minutes: As a Source of Monetary Policy Surprise (Warwick Economics Research Paper Series, 2022)

  • (Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets, 2012- Vol. 6, Issue 2, 13-49.)
  • The Determinants of Net Interest Margin in the Turkish Banking Sector: Does Bank Ownership Matter?Link opens in a new window (Journal of BRSA Banking and Financial Markets, 2012- Vol. 6, Issue 2, 13-49.)

  • Islamic Finance as a Means to Make Istanbul an International Financial CentreLink opens in a new window (Afro Eurasian Studies, Vol. 2, Issues 1&2, Spring & Fall 2013, 126-143)